To iron, or not to iron? That is the question!

To iron, or not to iron? That is the question!

When talking to people face to face, I will always ask, "do you love the feeling of hotel sheets? ".

I must admit, I have never received a "nah" to that question.

The thought of hopping into clean, white, crisp hotel sheets always get me a little giddy with excitement.

And how does the hotel get that perfect crisp feel? They iron their sheets to an inch of their lives.

It's a bit like blow drying your hair versus using hair straighteners. You are going to achieve a sleeker look with those tongs.

Sheets are pretty easy to tend when using a good iron. You can reduce time by folding your sheet in half before working on it.

So back to, to iron or not to iron? If you love that fresh, crisp feeling, you should consider giving ironing a go. Pop on a bit of Graham Norton and 50 minutes will pass by.

Sweet well!


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