60 Night Trial & Returns

The Hotel Sheet products have been crafted with the utmost care and attention to detail. We're 100% New Zealand-owned and operated and all items ship from NZ. However, if you're unhappy, see below for options. Used returns are donated to The Salvation Army or Woven Earth.

NOTE: Returns in December/January will be processed after January 15th. We're often working with our team in Portugal to create new bedding during this period so as soon as we can verify your return, we'll process your refund. Unfortunately, we're a two person company so can't be in two places at once! Thank you for your patience.

60 night trial/60 day money back guarantee

Our 60-night trial allows you to buy, use and test our sheets for up 60-nights and return for a refund if not happy, conditions below. Our 60-night trial isn't like a free software trial where free sheets are sent to you for testing, you must buy the sheets. However, it lets you return sheets if washed and used, something most retailers often don't allow.

Returns on bedding will be accepted within 60 days of delivery under the following conditions:

  • Please keep all the original packaging (including the brown shipper box and cloth bag) to have items returned and to ensure a full refund.
  • Items that have been ripped, stained, soiled or damaged in any way may not be returned (unless faulty, see below). Damaged items will not be refunded.
  • Items that were free/gifted (as part of a promotion, show offer/special, or bundle deal) are not eligible for a refund but will also need to be returned along with the paid items.
  • Used items must be washed and returned clean if used/slept on, as used returns are donated to The Salvation Army. 
  • Please be aware that items that have not been washed will be charged a $50 laundry fee, and the cost will be deducted from your refund payment.
  • Please be aware that a $10 charge will be deducted from your refund should the cloth bag not be returned or not returned in perfect condition.
  • Refunds are only made to the payment method originally used to purchase: such as the original Credit Card, Debit Card, Bank Account, LayBuy or AfterPay Account. 
  • We do not offer refunds in cash.
  • We recommend using a tracked, insured, signature required courier as we are not responsible for your return until it arrives back to us.
  • Please be aware bathroom items are not covered under the 60 night trial.
  • Please be aware that returns over the December/January period may take many weeks to process.
  • Please be aware that orders of 2 or more sets (or bundle items equivalent to 2 sets or more) only ONE set is eligiable for our 60-night trial. If you buy more than one bedding set, please sleep test one set before using the others, as only one set will be applicable for the 60-night refund.
  • Please be aware that our 60-night trial does not apply to samples, factory seconds, seconds, clearance items, sales items, discounted items, bathroom items or gift cards.

Faulty items

  • If an item has been delivered faulty, please notify The Hotel Sheet immediately and no later than 7 days upon delivery.
  • Should a product become faulty during use and within 12 months of delivery, please let us know and we will remedy the problem immediately.
  • Faulty items will be replaced and returned at The Hotel Sheet's expense.

About holes. There are two main types of holes; holes due to excessive wear, and random holes that appear from nowhere.

1) Genuine cloth faults. Because of the nature of weaving 2000 meters of cloth in one go, genuine cloth faults are typically seen in running up or across the sheet, and are typically seen across multiple sheets.

Those of you who've been following us for a number of years, know that we take genuine faults seriously, issuing refunds, and pulling entire shipments of faulty stock to sell as factory seconds. We're always upfront about faults because New Zealand is a village relatively speaking, nobody gets away with selling faulty products for long!

But it's important to realise that because of rough feet, sharp toenails and the shear size of managing sheets while washing and drying, sheets (particularly the bottom sheet) are the hardest working textile in your home, so are prone to the odd hole.

2) Holes due to excessive wear are easy to spot because there's obvious wear around the hole. This isn't due to a fault however, rough feet and/or restless sleepers are nearly always the culprits. Men (or people with dry feet) should use a pumice stone to regularly remove those tiny daggers of sharp, dry skin. No matter the quality, cotton is only cotton!

This is also why hotels don't use fitted sheets. They use flat sheets, switching the top and bottom sheets and rotating the wear (it's generally the bottom sheet that receives the wear).

And after talking with many of you at home shows over the years, there are extreme forms of restless sleep involving the heel of the foot moving continuously throughout the night which leads to sheets being worn through more quickly, especially when those heals are rough. But because people are asleep, it can take time to notice that you or your partner are doing this.

3) Random holes in the cloth are not typically faults either, especially after many years of use. This is because a hole generated by faulty threads requires that random faults line-up in the same spot across 100s of different threads. While not statistically impossible, you're more likely to win Powerball! 

While we use good cotton or the very best (depending on the bedding), it's still cotton so holes are generally caused by sharp toenails, catching a sheet on an indoor clothes horse, a sharp part of a faulty peg, or repeatedly yanking sheets out of the washing machine or dryer a certain way amongst other issues.

We've even had a customer yank hard at top sheets to pull them from the mattress each time they got into bed. This created unnoticeable holes in the turn-down of the top sheet which slowly grew bigger night after night.

Cats and dogs are also obvious culprits for random holes which slowly grow larger over time. But denying you have pets only to profess love for your fur baby several minutes later? Well, let's just say we've heard and seen it all!

Although these actions often don't create a hole right away, they can weaken threads at a specific spot which can turn into a hole over time, especially when doing things the same way repeatedly. And because of the random nature of these sorts of faults, just because you've never experienced a hole like this previously, doesn't automatically make it a fault. e.g. I recently found a hole in my favourite T-shirt but the rest of the cloth was perfect. This indicated it was something I did and not a fault in the yarn/cloth.

Yes, holes are incredibly frustrating, especially at this price point. But a random hole in one spot in a single item of bedding doesn't indicate a product fault - especially after years of use. Sadly, it's bad luck.


    • Exchanges are accepted within 14 days of delivery, only if all items are unwashed, unused and in original packaging (including the brown shipper box, material bag and soap).
    • Shipping for exchanged items (return and the new exchanged item) will be at the customer's expense.
    • If exchanging for an item of a lower price, we'll refund the difference to the original credit card or payment method.
    • If exchanging for an item of a higher price, we'll issue a new invoice for you to pay the difference.
    • We do not offer exchanges for cash.
    • Items that have been ripped, stained, soiled or damaged in any way may not be returned (unless faulty, see above).
    • Damaged items may not be exchanged or refunded. 
    • We recommend using a signature required courier as we are not responsible for your return until it arrives back to us.
    • Please note: no returns, exchanges or refunds on samples, clearance items or factory seconds.

    Please email us at: shop@thehotelsheet.co.nz and indicate return, exchange or fault and we'll get back to you as soon as possible.