Sheets that stay cool

Sheets that stay cool

Find sheets that stay cool and enjoy the best sleep you’ve ever had

If you spend the night tossing and turning because of heat, you're not alone. Sheets are the base layer and depending on how they're made, greatly affect your temperature. And while there’s lots of information out there, when it comes to sheets that help you stay cool, many sources get it wrong. Read on to learn which sheets are best for hot sleepers, hot flushes or night sweats.

Common Mistakes People Make Regarding Cool Temperature Sheets

If you're going through menopause, sheets won't cure hot flushes but the wrong kind of sheet will make you hotter. Also, according to Dr Ana Brito from the European Sleep Research Society, there's an optimal temperature in the sleeping environment which ranges from 16-18 degrees. That's a low ambient room temperature which requires a heat pump to achieve in many areas around New Zealand, especially in Summer.

That's what us hot sleepers are fighting against even before we buy sheets, so you definitely want to avoid sheets that trap more heat. When looking for cool sheets or the best sheets for night sweats, it’s essential to avoid making these common mistakes.

  • Don't choose high thread counts. We're all told that a higher thread count (400+) means better quality but these days, thread count only tells us how many threads are in the sheet, it doesn't tell us much about quality. Making this more confusing is the fact that many low thread count sheets look like junk, giving rise to a myth that low thread count is bad. In reality, that retailer is simply selling bad low thread count sheets, they don't have to do that! However, thread count greatly affects heat and higher thread counts create hotter sheets. In fact, 1000TC sheets are some of the hottest cotton sheets you can buy. Conversely, lower thread counts (250TC-350TC 10cm2) create cooler sheets but must be made from expensive cotton so they last.
  • Don't choose sateen sheets. Because sateen sheets have higher thread counts, many people assume they must be “better.” In reality, it comes down to preference but be aware that the sateen weave traps more heat, making sateen sheets much hotter than percale sheets.
  • Don't choose synthetics. Synthetics are super hot! The same goes for cheaper silk sheets. Real silk sheets should cost an absolute fortune ($1,000+ NZD per sheet), if they don't, they're most likely synthetics.
  • Don't choose semi-synthetics like bamboo, eucalyptus or Tencel. These types of sheets are various forms of rayon, some more eco-friendly than others. Much is made of the moisture-wicking properties of semi-synthetics but in our experience, they don't react like natural fibres. They kind of repel moisture which in our experience, leaves the moisture on you, which is uncomfortable. Although not as hot as full synthetics, they don't regulate temperature like natural fibres. So when it's hot outside you're hot, and when it's cold outside, you're cold. YMMV.
  • Avoid thick or heavy sheets. All of us look for thick sheets as a sign of quality however, thickness for any reason, is always hotter in our experience. Sheets you can see through release more heat but the trick, is to find thinner sheets that are made from expensive cotton so you still get decent wear. This is specifically why we sell The Classic Hotel Sheet and The Egyptian Hotel Sheet; open, light sheets that are made from strong cotton, yarn and weaving. The Egyptian Hotel Sheet in particular, is made from cotton celebrated for being super thin but super strong. We're both hot sleepers and have been caught-out buying heavier sheets!
  • Careful with linen. We've tested a lot of linen because of it's reputed coolness. However, while cooler than high thread count cotton, linen isn't cooler than low thread count cotton percale in our experience. On the plus side, it doesn't repel moisture like synthetics or semi-synthetics so it's nicer to sleep in. But it never has that cool and crisp feeling you get from low thread count cotton percale. Linen is definitely worth trying but low thread count cotton percale is noticeably cooler in our experience, particularly the newer, softer French/Belgium linen seen everywhere these days. 
  • Don't use heavy duvets or quilts. Even in winter, heavy duvet inners or comforters can make you hot but when pulled aside, leave you cold. So you often end-up doing the duvet dance all night; hot/cold/hot/cold etc which breaks-up sleep. To sleep, our bodies need to find that Goldilocks temperature; not too hot and not too cold. Instead, try multiple light layers. Too hot? Peel back a layer and you're less likely to wake feeling cold 30 minutes later.

What to look for when shopping for cool bed sheets

It's important to note that heat is personal and can be subjective. But in our experience (and Christina is currently going through 'the change') the following tips should result in sheets that help you stay cool.

  • Cotton or linen, no synthetics or semi-synthetics
  • Percale weave, avoid sateen
  • Lower thread counts, 250TC-400TC 10cm2 is a common sweet-spot (but only in percale)
  • Good quality cotton, medium or long-staple cotton for longevity 

Why Trust The Hotel Sheet for Sheets that Keep You Cool?

The Hotel Sheet has been making sheets for a decade. And during that time we’ve sleep-tested and lab-tested many kinds of sheets. We've also talked to 1000s of people about what makes sheets comfortable to them. And most importantly, we're both hot sleepers ourselves. Here are a few of the reasons you can trust us:

  • Testing and certification. A new DNA test can identify fake Egyptian cotton. You can rest easy knowing that Egyptian cotton purchased from us has been verified as 100% long-staple Egyptian cotton. In addition, our bed linen is certified free from harmful or illegal substances via OEKO-TEX certification.
  • Better value. While many sheets sacrifice cotton quality for an impressive thread count, we use classic hotel sheet recipes which use higher quality cotton, in lower thread counts. This results in better cotton for your money, beautiful feeling sheets that last, and more importantly, sheets that breathe.
  • No-risk purchasing. Sleep on our sheets for 60 nights and, if you aren’t happy, return them for a full refund. Any returns are donated to the Auckland Women’s Refuge.

What To Expect when buying sheets that keep you cool from the Hotel Sheet

When you choose The Hotel Sheet, you’ll enjoy a variety of benefits, here are a few of the perks when buying from us:

  • Free delivery in NZ. We’ll ship for free anywhere in New Zealand, including rural delivery. You can expect your items within three to four days – occasionally longer in rural areas.
  • 5% off your first order. Our newsletter provides educational bedding information, tips, and special deals available only to subscribers. Subscribe and earn 5% off your first order.
  • Customer education. We focus on providing our customers with helpful information to assist with selecting the sheets that suit their individual needs best.

About The Hotel Sheet

It’s our goal to help you find sheets you’ll love. One of the important factors in getting a good night’s sleep is managing your body temperature and helping you reach the Goldilocks zone; not too hot but not too cold because both will wake you. Don’t hesitate to contact us with any questions or concerns; we’re always happy to help. The Hotel Sheet – bring the luxury home
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We are not trained textile experts, we're just you're average hot sleepers who wanted to understand why some sheets were making us hotter. All opinions are our own and are based on sleep testing, wash testing and lab testing bedding, as well as working with textile experts and high-quality European manufacturers for over a decade. If you spot mistakes or incorrect information, let us know, we're always learning.