Our bed sheets compared

We sell three types of sheets, only in white:

  1. The Classic Hotel Sheet
  2. The Egyptian Hotel Sheet
  3. The Velvet Flannel Sheet

However, we sell them in a variety of sets and sizes. Here's a run-down of our sheets, sets and sizes.


Sheet Types

1. The Classic Hotel Sheet


Our most popular sheet, used in European hotels. In Europe, it's not uncommon for hotels to use 100% cotton sheets in the more expensive suites, or in hotter climates like Portugal and Spain. However, cotton hotel sheets are open and light (cooler) compared to the poly-cotton version most hotels use. So don't expect thick (and therefore hot) sheets.

What should I expect?
Open, light, cool, crisp and strong.

What should I not expect?
Not soft, silky, thick or hot.

Is this all marketing? 
Download the verification letter from Heimsath Alexander who we asked to verify that The Classic Hotel Sheet is a real hotel sheet sold to luxury and 5-star hotels in Europe.



2. The Egyptian Hotel Sheet


This sheet uses the same open, light, cool and crisp recipe as our Classic Hotel Sheet but is made from the very best, long-staple Egyptian cotton. But because long-staple Egyptian cotton is finer, the resulting weave is finer and the sheet is ever so slightly thicker. However, most people who feel our sheets at home shows can't tell the difference. If you know you're sensitive to the way textiles feel, you'll notice the difference, plus the higher quality cotton lasts longer but costs more. Our Egyptian cotton is DNA tested to prove its actual Egyptian cotton grown in Egypt, hence the price. Best avoid Egyptian cotton sheets that don't state a DNA test, or don't state 100% because they may only contain 1% Egyptian cotton. Yes, it's crazy. More about Egyptian cotton.

What should I expect?
Open, light, cool, crisp, fine and strong.

What should I not expect?
Not soft, silky, thick or hot.




Both The Classic Hotel Sheet and The Egyptian Hotel Sheet have similar characteristics so the below info applies to both sheets. Just be aware that The Egyptian Hotel Sheet is finer and stronger.

What do they feel like?
Our 100% cotton hotel sheets are cool, crisp, open, light but strong. The percale weave feels crisp which is why hotel sheets generally have that crisp feeling. Don't expect soft, thick or silky sheets.

Why are they cooler than other sheets?
Hotels use the percale because it's generally stronger. But because the cloth is open and light, 250-380TC 10cm2 cotton percale hotel sheets are some of the coolest sheets around. Yes, even cooler than linen in our experience (we only sleep in linen during winter!). The trick is to use decent cotton, yarn and weaving so despite being fine, they're still strong (hence the price). Our sheets are 100% cotton percale in that sweet-spot thread count range, which in our experience is cooler than linen, bamboo, eucalyptus, Tencel, poly/cotton, polyester and high thread-count cotton sateen. However, our sheets are not like air conditioning, they don't actively make you cooler. It's just that many sheets trap body heat so are hotter in our experience, and nobody seems to explain the difference. Confused about thread-count? Learn more. Confused about weaves? Learn more.

But I was told bamboo sheets are cooler?
While it's possible to make a 'mechanical' bamboo cloth, we've never seen it in New Zealand, presumably because it's super expensive to make. So most of the bamboo, eucalyptus and Tencel sheets are actually viscose, modal or lyocell rayon, fairly hot semi-synthetics. Despite what people claim, they're not 100% natural. In fact, USA retailers we're fined for advertising them as naturalbit.ly/3SjX42u. However, they're also not 100% synthetic, hence the term 'semi-synthetic'. Basically, theses sheets are different forms of rayon, some more sustainable than others but in our experience, all are hotter than low thread-count cotton percale.

If you love them, who cares! Just be aware they're probably not 100% natural, especially when made in China, India and other countries that produce cheaper bedding. And it's also worth noting that because the fibres are manufactured, it's not possible to ever classify them as organic. So be careful of companies claiming to sell organic bamboo (organic cotton is another can of worms which is why we don't sell it). If you care about this stuff, google 'bamboo greenwashing' and do your research.

Are our sheets different from other hotel sheets?
Most hotels use poly/cotton sheets making them thicker. However, be aware that thicker sheets are normally always hotter, and poly/cotton is hotter again. If you're a hot sleeper, avoid thick sheets in general, avoid the Sateen weave which while soft/silky is hotter, and avoid even a tiny amount of synthetic or semi-synthetic like bamboo.

At The Hotel Sheet, we can make and sell any kind of sheet. The reason we sell open, light cotton percale sheets in that 250–380 thread count range, is because in our experience, they're the coolest. Weirdly, lower thread count cotton percale like 180-150 threads are thicker and hotter. So in our experience, 250-380 threads is a goldilocks range for coolness, so long as the weave is percale, not sateen.

The trick with lighter sheets, is to use expensive materials and quality weaving to ensure they're still decently strong. It just so happens that European hotels often use this exact recipe, especially in hotter climates like Portugal and Spain. Hence The Hotel Sheet. Everyone is different however, and our sheets aren't for everyone. To understand why some dislike our sheets, go to the reviews page and click the one-star rating. Then click the five-star rating and see why the vast majority love our sheets.



3. The Velvet Flannel Sheet


Our winter best-seller. Super popular in other parts of the world, Velvet Flannel is not very well-known in New Zealand. It's the higher-quality cousin to flannelette and while warm, it's not stifling hot - perfect for hot sleepers in winter.

Although all flannel-style sheets are prone to shedding or balling, our special velvet processing is more durable and lasts longer than flannelette. Cosy 100% cotton sheets made in Europe.




Sheet sets

Full sets
1x Fitted Bottom Sheet, 1x Top Sheet, 2x Standard Pillowcases

Split sets
2x Single Fitted Bottom Sheets, 1x Top Sheet, 2x Standard Pillowcases

Half sets
1x Fitted Bottom Sheet, 2x Standard Pillowcases (no top sheet)

Flat sets
2x Large Flat Sheets (not the smaller top sheets retailers sell), 2x Standard Pillowcases

Separate items

Pick and choose from sheets, pillowcases and sizes to get exactly what you want. Separate items sell fast so if you don't seem them, we're sold-out sorry. Scroll down on these pages to see separate items for:

The Classic Hotel Sheet

The Egyptian Hotel Sheet





Mattress heights

Mattress manufacturers changed mattress height a few years ago. So these days, knowing the height of your mattress is just as important as knowing the size of your bed. Also, some sell parallel imported mattresses (and bedding) but global bed sizes vary hugely, even bed sizes between New Zealand and Australia are slightly different. So if you haven't done so already, grab a tape measure and measure the height, width and length of your mattress, then add it to a note on your phone. Trust us, it'll make sheet buying much easier with less disappointment.

Standard sheets
Our standard fitted pocket is 40cm, so fits mattresses up to 32cm high. In our experience, you'll want 8cm tuck-in all the way around but everyone is different. For example, we have a 31cm mattress with a 5cm topper (36cm total), and still use our standard sheets. But some people, especially restless sleepers, prefer more tuck-in. Totally up to you.

Again, if you don't measure your mattress dimensions and instead, eye-ball the measurements, you could end-up frustrated. So measure the height, width and length of your mattress and add it to a note on your phone.

Deepbase sheets
Our deepbase pocket is 50cm, so fits mattresses up to 42cm high, allowing 8cm tuck-in. Again, the amount of tuck-in is up to you, this is our recommendation. And unlike retailers, our deepbase sets also come with taller top sheets, allowing you to tuck-in the top sheet. Unfortunately, we've become aware that some stores sell 50cm mattresses, so you'll need 60cm sheets which we do not sell.

Yet again, if you just eye-ball your mattress measurements, you could end-up frustrated. So once again, measure your mattress height, width and length and add it to a note on your phone.

Super tall mattresses 42cm+
It's much harder to find sheets and if you can find them, they'll cost more, often for lower quality. This is because they use much more cloth. New Zealanders tell us they regret buying super tall mattresses and dislike the way they're so heavy while making the bed. Each to their own! But most hotel mattresses are around 30cm tall. This is an all-round sweet-spot in our opinion. YMMV.



New Zealand mattress sizes

Our bedding is cut to fit standard New Zealand mattress sizes. Be aware that mattress sizes differ around the world, even the sizes between New Zealand and Australia are different. Below are the mattress sizes we cut our bedding to.

92 x 188cm

Long Single
92 x 203cm

King Single
107 x 203cm

135 x 188cm

150 x 203cm

165 x 203cm

Super King (Australian King)
183 x 203cm

California King (Australian Super King)
203cm x 203cm



Pillowcase sizes

73cm L x 48cm W

80cm L x 50cm W

90cm L x 55cm W

90cm L x 55cm W