Hotel Bed Sheets NZ

Our Hotel Sheet Collection offers a range of beautiful bed sheets based on a classic cool and crisp hotel bed sheet recipe which lasts. While most hotels use synthetics, our sheets come from Europe where it's more common to find 100% cotton in higher-end rooms. In fact, 'The Classic Hotel Sheet' is the top-selling sheet in the commercial catalogue for our manufacturer in Portugal where all our bedding is made.

Our classic hotel sheet uses medium-staple cotton, which creates lasting cotton sheets that won’t break the bank. Our Egyptian hotel sheets use the best-of-the-best, DNA tested, long-staple Egyptian cotton. This cotton is the reason we’re all taught to buy Egyptian cotton (not all Egyptian cotton is created equal).

All our sheets can be bought online and will be delivered on time. Get that crisp luxury hotel feel in the comfort of your own home. NOTE: Hotel sheets are cool and crisp, not soft, thick and hot like high thread count retail sheets.

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