What are half sets?

What are half sets?

Freshen up your bedding

Pillowcases and fitted sheets are usually the first to show wear, so adding a half set gives your favourite top sheet a longer life by mixing and matching.  

The perfect way to give us a go

If you haven't slipped between our sheets, then going half way is an option. Lighter on your wallet, the half set is a perfect way to try our quality.

30 night, risk free offer

Try your new set for 30 nights. If you don't like them, send them back and we will refund your money, no questions asked. Please see our Returns Policy for more information. See our returns policy.

Why white sheets?

Westin Hotel famously discovered that white bedding made guests think their beds were more luxurious and as a result, slept better. Now all hotels use white sheets; they match any bedding scheme and white never goes out of style. And because our hotel sheets are based on a commercial recipe, they stand up to hot washes and the odd round of bleach if needed. Practical that.

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We are not trained textile experts, we're just you're average hot sleepers who wanted to understand why some sheets were making us hotter. All opinions are our own and are based on sleep testing, wash testing and lab testing bedding, as well as working with textile experts and high-quality European manufacturers for over a decade. If you spot mistakes or incorrect information, let us know, we're always learning.