We talk the 'M' word...

We talk the 'M' word...


‘Hot’ sleep is indeed a ‘hot’ topic, so let’s talk…

Dreading bedtime is the opposite of what The Hotel Sheet is all about, and we are here to (hopefully) help in the best way we know how… at that time of your life where you are particularly chasing a cooler night’s sleep. Yes, it’s the M word… Menopause.

Sheets won't make you cooler, but some definitely make you hotter! Christina and Ben work closely with our Portuguese team in sourcing a sheet option that will mark the beginning of a more rested and comfortable night, resulting in a better you to face your day... at any stage in life.

First off, let’s avoid

  • Sheets with a high thread count
  • Sateen Weave (a 'warmer' weave)
  • Synthetics
  • Semi-Synthetics, e.g. bamboo or eucalyptus, rayon, viscose
  • Pyjamas - let's not add to your 'heat'
  • Foam mattresses and/or pillows

And let’s embrace!

  • 100% pure cotton
  • Medium to long staple cotton
  • A Percale Weave (an 'open and light' weave)
  • A low thread count = lighter fabric. The cotton ensures it remains strong. Remember, quality over quantity!
  • Avoid heavy duvets and blankets – embrace just the top sheet!
  • The feeling of cool, crisp, fine and calm

The Hotel Sheet range offer sheets that breathe, which can help and support you in your menopause journey. Our percale weave (open and light) provides the breathability you need, ideal for hot sleepers and the provider of cool and crisp. A sateen weave tends to trap heat, something to be avoided when battling those night sweats.

Cool, Crisp Sheets

Good value for quality: The Classic Hotel Sheet
The best-of-the-best: The Egyptian Hotel Sheet

Your Personal Journey

Everyone is on their own journey, and everyone has a different menopause story. This is why it’s so important that everyone does things a little differently, to suit what will work for you. Be positive in your steps to make your journey as comfortable as possible, in all parts of your life, including one of the most important steps, your sleep experience.

Christina loves chatting to all the ladies at home shows around the country, and it is interesting to both of us how every woman has a widely varied story and experience.

So much so, we've had some critical feedback on our ad speaking to menopausal women. From personal experience, I know this is a subject which can be extremely emotional, alongside the physical changes we face. We are here with hand on heart, to share our experience and bedding knowledge, hoping in our own small way, bring some relief to this sometimes-challenging time in our lives.

If we can help any women out there in our community, that's what matters. Good sleep is all about tuning into your ‘temperature’ preference, and the aim is always, of course, to find your very own Goldilocks zone, not too hot, not too cold… just right. 

Your sleep experience is an incredibly important one; one that, if positive, can determine what kind of day we have when we awaken, our mood, our energy… and imagine the feeling of not tossing and turning, not waking up unrested, not soaking in sweat, but instead, giving yourself the chance for the best sleep, with the best outcome.

Cool, Crisp Sheets

Good bang for buck: The Classic Hotel Sheet
The best-of-the-best: The Egyptian Hotel Sheet

A Bonus

  • Males generally sleep ‘hotter’ so if you have a male partner, there’s a bonus that he may sleep cooler too. Think of it as a silver lining!

Standing by our products

And sleep even easier, knowing that we have a 60-night-trial, so if you are not happy with your purchase, you can return your sheets (washed and dried). We donate all returned (cleaned) sheets to Women’s Refuge and The Salvation Army.

The percale weave isn't a miracle cure and won't magically make you cooler or stop hot flushes. Rather, there are a lot of sheets that make us hotter. In particular, higher thread count, sateen sheets. Going for a good quality, 'open and light' percale weave may help regulate flushes when they strike.

We are of course always happy to answer any of your questions direct, please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

Bring the (cool) luxury home, shop our range here.

Sleep well, Donna.

Comments from our Valued Customers…

“As a woman going thru menopause these sheets allow the heat to flow thru, much better night sleeps.” ANNA M

“… a welcome relief for my particular season in life.” LIZ S

Our Helpful Blog Links

 Our Sheets

  • Most popularThe classic Hotel Sheet. Cool, crisp, open, fine but strong. The 100% cotton sheet used in European hotels. 
  • Highest qualityThe Egyptian Hotel Sheet. The same cool and crisp recipe as our Classic hotel sheet but made from ultra fine, ultra strong, long-staple Egyptian cotton. DNA tested to verify authenticity.
  • Use and wash sheets for up to 60 nights and return if not happy. Returns are donated so must be washed, conditions apply.
  • For a wider-range of opinions about our sheets, see reviews from genuine customers.

Podcasts on the 'M' word...

If you’re anything like me, podcasts about menopause have become a slight obsession, being able to learn while listening, and get a plethora of thoughts on this time in our lives, I’ve found podcasts extremely helpful – especially on a local front with the many Kiwi podcasts available from highly admirable women throughout our community.

Whether it’s hot flushes, hot sweats, unsettled sleep, insomnia, helpful supplements, diet, exercise, lifestyle, meditation and retreat opportunities, there’s a myriad of information out there. Here are a couple of Kiwi podcasts that we have particularly found helpful and entertaining, and we hope you enjoy these too.

Grey Areas with Petra Bagust speaks with NZ’s own ‘Menopause’ expert, writer Niki Bezzant, and We Need To Talk with Toni Street speaking with journalist and television presenter Miriama Kamo.

Grey Areas with Petra Bagust – Menopause chat with Niki Bezzant

We Need to Talk with Toni Street – Menopause chat with Miriama Kamo


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We are not trained textile experts, we're just you're average hot sleepers who wanted to understand why some sheets were making us hotter. All opinions are our own and are based on sleep testing, wash testing and lab testing bedding, as well as working with textile experts and high-quality European manufacturers for over a decade. If you spot mistakes or incorrect information, let us know, we're always learning.