The Hotel Sheet says "Don't fight the fit!"

The Hotel Sheet says "Don't fight the fit!"

Feeling the dread when changing your sheets? You are not alone.

We’ve all been there, and we have the hints to help you in your 'fit' journey; to make it a simple, pleasurable experience, that will ensure you enjoy the days when it comes to fitting your sheets. Read on…

Let’s make sure you have the right size first. With mattresses offering customers a variant of heights, it is now important to know the height of your mattress as well as the size. A quick measure before ordering will do the trick – and we make it easy by offering two sizes – 32cm height for a standard fit, and 42cm height for a deep-base fit.

TVNZ: ACC figures show dozens injured using fitted sheets each year.


There is a very valid reason why hotels don’t use fitted sheets! Flat sheets allow you the option to ‘rotate’ your sheets, doubling the life of your sheets. On changing day, simply move your top sheet to your bottom sheet, and pop a fresh sheet on top. Wash your bottom sheet, and so the cycle goes!

For your solution to 'fit' frustration, shop our range here, or ask us a question here, we're here to help!

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