Part 1 - The ultimate guide to buying bed sheets you'll love

Part 1 - The ultimate guide to buying bed sheets you'll love

Find out why some bed sheets are cool, some are hot, some are crisp and some are soft. Learn how to choose the right sheet for your sleep temperature and what thread count, long-staple, sateen, percale and other terms really mean.

Ultimately, understand how to buy bed sheets you'll love.


If you're in a hurry, here's a quick summary of the guide with one caveat, it can be fairly difficult to find good quality low thread count sheets depending on the stores in your town. When we recommend low thread count sheets, we recommend ones made from quality cotton, like hotel sheets.

Cold sleepers

  • Cotton or synthetics
  • Multi-ply yarns (trap more heat and maintain hotter temperatures)
  • Sateen weave (softer and hotter)
  • Higher thread counts like 600TC + (trap more heat)

Hot sleepers

  • Cotton
  • Single-ply yarns (breathe better and maintain cooler temperatures)
  • Percale weave (cooler and crisper)
  • Lower thread counts like 250TC (cooler, breathe better)

Hot & Cold sleepers in the same bed

  • Cotton or linen, then use layers
  • Single-ply yarns (breathe better and maintain cooler temperatures)
  • Percale weave (cooler) then use layers
  • Lower thread counts (cooler, breathe better)
  • The cold sleeper uses layers to get warmer
  • The hot sleeper enjoys a cool base layer because once the base layer is hot, there's nothing hot sleepers can do

Discover why with the rest of the guide.


Our sheets

  • Most popularThe classic Hotel Sheet. Cool, crisp, open, fine but strong. The 100% cotton sheet used in European hotels. 
  • Highest qualityThe Egyptian Hotel Sheet. The same cool and crisp recipe as our Classic hotel sheet but made from ultra fine, ultra strong, long-staple Egyptian cotton. DNA tested to verify authenticity.
  • Use and wash sheets for up to 60 nights and return if not happy. Returns are donated so must be washed, conditions apply.
  • For a wider-range of opinions about our sheets, see reviews from genuine customers.


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We are not trained textile experts, we're just you're average hot sleepers who wanted to understand why some sheets were making us hotter. All opinions are our own and are based on sleep testing, wash testing and lab testing bedding, as well as working with textile experts and high-quality European manufacturers for over a decade. If you spot mistakes or incorrect information, let us know, we're always learning.