Care instructions for sheets and bed linens

Why you should always wash before use

New bedding can feel scratchy if not washed before its used for the first time. This is because the first wash removes stray fibres, softens the sheet and prepares cotton for a long-life.

If you don't wash before you first sleep on it, the bedding won't feel its best and may feel worse as time goes on until you eventually wash it.

Unfold before loading into your machine and use a warm or cold wash with a small amount of detergent, half the recommended amount. Wash separately in its own wash.


Follow the ‘Wash before use’ instructions to wash your bedding before using for the first time. For subsequent washes, use a warm or cold wash with a mild detergent, half the recommended amount.

Use a gentle wash and spin cycle. Always wash beautiful natural fibres and whites on their own and never wash with synthetics. If possible, don’t overload your machine.

Continued use of detergents containing whiteners, bleach, optical brighteners or alkalis can change the colour or weaken cotton over time. But the odd Napisan soak to remove stains on white fabric is fine. However please do not use Napisan or bleach on any coloured fabric.

Avoid fabric softeners which artificially coat natural fibres that need to breathe. With regular use, you will experience a softness unlike any fabric softener.


We suggest line drying early morning when possible. Intense sunlight can cause whites to turn yellow and colours to fade so avoid direct sunlight if possible.

A drying horse for indoor drying works great.

If tumble drying, use a gentle setting and avoid overloading. Extreme or prolonged heat will dry natural fibres causing them to become brittle and lifeless over time. Natural drying is always best.


We promise our sheets will feel amazing if ironed but it isn’t necessary. The best time to iron is when bedding is slightly damp as it will be easier.

Set your iron to cotton and use steam as necessary. We don’t recommend spray starch, as it coats cotton stopping it from breathing.


Cotton is a beautiful natural fibre and needs to breathe. Store in a cool, dry and well-ventilated space away from direct sunlight.

For a little something extra, spray with lavender spray or place a small lavender sachet with your bedding.

DISCLOSURE: We aren't trained textile experts. All opinions are our own and are based on a decade's experience sleep testing, wash testing and lab testing bedding, as well as working with textile experts and high-quality European manufacturers. If you spot mistakes or incorrect information, let us know, we're always learning.