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Why The Hotel Sheet?

Bring the luxury home. Our range allows you to mirror the feeling of calm relaxation that an escape to a fabulous hotel provides. The Hotel Sheet products come with the utmost care and attention to detail, alongside a desirable price range... the ideal combination.

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Cool and Crisp

Crisp and cool to the touch... our bed sheets are created with a percale weave which brings you a cool, calm and crisp sleep experience. The Hotel Sheet are passionate about their business and sharing their range with you, so you too can enjoy the best sleep experience you deserve.

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pack shot sheet

The Hotel Sheet in Europe

Our Classic Hotel Sheet is enjoyed in high-end hotels throughout Europe. Christina and Ben from The Hotel Sheet work closely with their team in Portugal to allow you to bring the luxury home, with the Classic Hotel Sheet, woven from 100% pure cotton.

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Prioritise Quality

You deserve the best quality alongside the best value. The Classic Hotel Sheet range is 100% cotton, bringing you the very best quality in a desirable price range.

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Only the very best

You can also experience bed sheets made from the very best DNA-tested Egyptian cotton. We're very proud to be one of the only Kiwi companies lab-testing cotton to ensure you receive only the most authentic product.

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European quality

Portugal is world-renowned for quality textiles. Christina and Ben proudly import their exclusive range from Portugal direct to their NZ-owned business, The Hotel Sheet, and ship their range direct to you from Auckland.

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white classic canvas

White – a classic canvas

Experience the calm white brings to your bedroom. A classic canvas that allows you to create your very own ambience, allowing you to accessorise with colour to suit your mood and reflect your desired design.

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White lasts the distance

White can always be 're-whitened' while colour can bring challenges when it comes to maintaining the original shade. The Hotel Sheet support you through your journey of luxury, which will ensure you the very best sleep experience, for many years to come.

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Fitted vs flat... your choice

Fitted bed sheets mostly receive all of the 'wear', so we also offer you flat sets, and if you choose a flat set, you can rotate the 'wear' across two flat sheets and double the life of your set. Are you fitted or flat?

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We love hearing from you

We value receiving your feedback, and you can be guaranteed our published testimonials are only from our verified buyers. You can read what our Kiwi buyers think of our range, allowing you to make the perfect choice.

Bring the luxury home.
Christina and Ben, The Hotel Sheet

Sleep Easy Knowing...

We offer you a sixty-night trial. If you don't love your choice, you can return it for a full refund. We'll ask for your feedback to improve our range and ask that you follow our user-friendly refund policy. All returns are donated to Women's Refuge and The Salvation Army.

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Free NZ shipping

Shipping to you is always free for items shipped within New Zealand, including rural delivery. No minimums. We can also offer you flat rate shipping to select countries around the globe. That, to us, sounds like the perfect bed-time story.

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