Change of seasons got you hot and cold?

1. Too hot for the winter duvet? Layer with a bedspread

Keep your summer duvet on during the changeable Autumn season and keep a bedspread folded at the foot of the bed. Pull it up for extra warmth during sudden cold snaps and if the night is warm, leave it folded at the foot of the bed. The convenient way to find your perfect sleep temperature.

2. Get the drape look

For Queen and King sized beds, easily get a flowing look by purchasing the next size up without worrying about the size of your duvet. See the bedspread picture at the top for an example of the flowing drape look.

3. Easy care

Bedspreads are easier to wash than duvet covers as there's no wrangling the duvet in and out of its cover. Pop it straight into the wash with a little detergent and Bob's your uncle, no wrangling required.

4. Longer lasting

Bedspreads can be more durable than other layering options, like a comforter where the filling can clump into balls after numerous washing. A bedspread will continue looking great after years of use and with proper care, can be enjoyed for decades, which is kinder to the planet (and your wallet). 

5. Saving pennies

With less overall material than a duvet cover, bedspreads are usually cheaper when the same fabric is used. And with its durability, there is no doubt that a bedspread is ultimately one of the most economical pieces of bedding you can own. If you don't own a bedspread, consider one for your bed this Autumn.